A BPG Salon hosted by Pam Quinn


I had been commissioned by the drug company, Teva, to choreograph a piece to one of four pieces of music played by Ana Conti, a neurologist in St. Louis. This was fun for me as it was an opportunity to return to a process I used to do on a regular basis.  The piece was  short – 3 minutes – very manageable.  I made it in my living room, moving in, out and around the furniture, in about a day.  Then I had an idea to turn it into a duet –David  Leventhal, dancer and Program Manager of Dance for PD,  was obliging – and then to transform it again by adding text.  But what was most meaningful for me was to share my past life of creating and performing with my new friends; to include them in the art of dance which had been so central to my existence and which I could now make them a part of, as they welcomed by participating so graciously with all their thoughts and questions and perceptive responses. We all have former lives.  I hope others find ways to share theirs too.

–Pam Quinn