A donation in honor of Adolf

Adolf Fuerst’s 87 years (1925-2012) were filled with sport, a close family life and music.  As a child in Linz, Austria, playing duets with his father and grandmother, swimming and ice skating with cousins filled the hours away from school where Adolf was at the top of his class. This orderly life was interrupted when, as a teenager, Adolf and his family fled the Nazis just in time, for New York.

Adolf’s life in New York was filled with the same interests. He  studied chemistry, joined a choir where he met his wife, Shirely, an artist and musician.  They continued the tradition of playing duets at home and passed on their love of music to their two  children, David and Ellen.  Adolf took up running and ran marathons.  Adolf’s active life narrowed and slowed as his Parkinson’s Disease advanced, and other health complications occurred.  The Fuerst Family gift to Brooklyn Parkinson Group is in appreciation for what BPG’s singing and dancing classes gave back to Adolf.  “When he came back from classes,” explains Shirely, “his face was transformed.”

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