L’Allegro Bookmaking Schedule 2014

Mark Morris Dance Center

3 Lafayette Avenue


Tuesday, May 13

12:00-3:00 PM @ MMDG (fourth floor lounge)

Brainstorming your own story ideas inspired by Milton’s poetic themes of the happy man and the pensive man, the drawings of  Blake and Allegro dances—doodling, gathering ideas on paper for design, text and images for personal books.  Monoprintmaking images for our books.


Wednesday, May 14

12:30-1:00 PM @ MMDG (fourth floor lounge)

Introduction to Sketching

3:30-4:25 PM @ MMDG (Cole studio)

Sketching rehearsal


Thursday, May 15

12:00-3:00 PM @ MMDG (fourth floor lounge)

Bookmaking (bring poetry, prints and sketches together)