Kids Can Make A Difference

Originally targeted to children from middle-class and more affluent homes, we have since learned that KIDS provides an enormous benefit to children living in less fortunate circumstances.  For them, the realization that being poor is not their fault is a liberating notion.

The KIDS program includes a teacher guide, newsletter, and website.  Thousands of classrooms around the world are involved with providing tools to help young people understand the root causes of hunger and become informed and effective citizens with a healthy sense of their own capacity to change the world.  Students learn about the pain of hunger; the importance of food; the inequality of its distribution; the links between poverty, hunger, joblessness; and homelessness; the role of the media; and are given the skills to take what they have learned into their communities.

KIDS has no paid staff, nor do we pay rent. We are a self-funded program of the International Education and Resource Network (iEARN) and derive all our income from small individual contributions and receipts from the sale of our teacher guide.  This means that nearly one hundred percent of every dollar contributed goes directly to the program