“Melting Snowman” Cookie

You will need: cookie dough, large marshmallows, food coloring and/or decorating pens, plastic bags for making decorating tubes

You may use your favorite sugar cookie recipe or use any prepared  sugar cookie mix.

1.  Roll out dough.

2.  Cut dough into rounds about 2 inches in diameter and place on cookie sheet.

3.  Cook for about eight minutes at 325 degrees. (Times will vary depending on thickness of the cookie base and the recipe.)


Decorating the cookies

1.  Make simple confectioners sugar icing (or use ready made icing.)  Recipe follows.

2.  Top with a marshmallow  (place near circumference of circle)

3.  Take remaining icing and separate into smaller bowls.  Add food coloring.  (red, green, black, orange)

4.  Add icing to decorating tubes if you happen to own them.  You can make decorating tubes out of plastic bags by cutting a small hole at one corner of plastic sandwich bag. Fill bag with colored icing and squeeze the bag.

5.  Decorate snowman with colored icing, Add eyes, nose, mouth, arms, buttons, etc.  We used food decorating pens but these are very expensive and homemade tubes work well.

6.  You can add a miniature oreo  cookie as a top hat.


Recipe for simple confectioners sugar icing

1.  Pour one box of confectioners sugar into a mixing bowel, add about ½  cup of milk and a ½ teaspoon of vanilla.

2.  Mix together, adding small amounts of milk until consistency is just right for spreading a glaze like icing on the  cookie rounds.