Post-WPC Thoughts

I feel the WPC was too science driven… One feeling I have is that what makes us happy is community and support, irrespective of science, and that BPG is on the right track toward that goal… We are not only looking for cures; we are also looking for meaningful lives on our way to a cure.

-Pam Quinn


Those of us with PD must be resilient and never give up.

-Russ Schoumaker


Together we can build beauty and bring joy.

-Cyndy Gilbertson


There is HOPE!  There is hope?  There are so many conflicts amongst scientists and doctors, et al.  But after thinking long and hard, I opt for hope!

-Karen Scheyer


To me Montreal was a pilgrimage. I am learning to accept that I am not the same person, to be more patient and be less angry.  I am also learning to seek and accept help which takes strength of spirit both ways.

-Manny Torrijos


So great to be together.  Quality of care stressed at conference.  No cures promised – YET – said Israeli presenter.  So – we live in hope.

-Carol Krasnow


The most meaningful and inspiring aspect of the WPC was the personal connections with people from across the globe –affirming our struggles, celebrating our adaptability, sharing our lives, having fun!

-Anne Dowling


My take is … What a wonderfully supportive community exists among those with PD!  I am privileged to partake in this community that struggles, fights back, encourages, accepts, and moves forward with love.  Kudos to all!

-Dr. Rebecca States


I was blown away by the “family” vibe and affection between us PWP’s— the implicit respect, admiration, trust, sense of safety and acceptance between all of us. And I was awed by the new boundaries drawn of human potential as I watched so many there defy the impossible.

-Leonore Gordon


I came away with two strong impressions:

1. BPG members are role models and torch carriers for the international Parkinson’s community.

2. the quality of programming offered free of charge through BPG/MMDG’s non-commercial, arts-based activities is second to none.

-David Leventhal


WPC was informative & consciousness-raising; I felt proud & fortunate to be part of a community (leaders & participants) like BPG.

-Lea Frisher


The presentations focused on wellness programs, quality of life, exercise, dance, and the arts, were well attended (especially by people with Parkinson’s) and their message was one of empowerment.  I appreciated the use of the term “care partner” within these communities, though medical establishment tends toward “care giver,” particularly in relation to the physician’s role.  BPG and others are changing attitudes among medical professionals, helping them to see themselves as “partners” in care, rather than “givers” of care.  I am so proud to be a part of the BPG family!

-Bill Fulbrecht


Invigorated and inspired, sober eyed and astounded.  I’ve been envisioning a big reverance for the closing circle for the Congress in 2016.  I’m proud to be a part of bringing art and dance to our community.  You all are quite amazing!

-Claudine Naganuma