Reflections from Eilene Evans

“It was a challenge.” 

“We did what professional dancers do.”

“The bar was set high.  You weren’t giving us a break for having Parkinson’s.”

–Comments made by the dancers who participated in the dance production on Nov 11, 2012


The applause had been loud and long and the audience, friends, family and strangers were unanimous in their praise.  The group felt they had done it.  They had become “dancers.”  How did it happen?

Of course there was David, Uta, and John, the teachers, who adapted the marvelous Mark Morris choreography and guided the group through the intricate steps of the the dances, encouraging the group to become part of the creative process.

Then there was Maria Portman Kelly, who managed the rehearsal schedules, the music, and stage directions.  She was always there providing the group with professional know-how.

The music director, William Wade, magically worked on a musical score based on the original music that enhanced the performance.

Some of the dancers were terrified of making mistakes.  They felt challenged.  But the mistakes were minimal, not noticeable.  No one missed rehearsals and everyone practiced at home using the the dance sequence tapes David had made.  The group was committed and surrounded by professionals who cared.  A sense of community.  A recipe for success.

We did what professional dancers do.