Support Groups


Support GroupBPG support group meetings, for persons with PD and family, take place once a month. Everyone learns more about Parkinson’s Disease, services available and shares information. People meet new people and see old friends. BPG participants organize and facilitate meetings, determine topics for discussion and invite speakers to talk about subjects of interest to the group. BPG Support Group Committee members also organize lunch for each meeting, make reminder calls, and plan special events. BPG welcomes any persons with PD, family and friends to attend BPG support group meetings.

CARE PARTNERS SUPPORT GROUPCaregiver-support-groups

Spouses, partners, and family members of persons with PD meet separately, without persons with PD, to discuss their concerns, share knowledge, and learn from one another.  Any care partner or family member, friend or aid to a person with PD is welcome to join this group, and should call 718-522-0553 for more information.